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IHC Medical Clinic is please to introduce our new service:  EXECUTIVE MEDICAL SCREENING

Good health is crucial to quality of life, personal and professional success. It is generally thought that healthy people don't need a health screen but the reality is that many common illnesses and conditions can be prevented or cured if they are caught early enough - in most cases this may be before any symptoms become apparent.

At the Integral Health Care Medical Clinic, our Executive Medical Services have been designed to identify any existing health problems, assess your disease risk factors and to provide you with the tools and recommendations to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our Executive Medical Services involve health screening medicals and include a very comprehensive range of tests geared towards the primary prevention of disease with an emphasis on the requirements of our male and female patients, stress management and the making of positive lifestyle changes.

All Executive packages use leading-edge diagnostic procedures and technology. Each includes a comprehensive medical history and physical examination conducted by a board-certified physician, a variety of laboratory and diagnostic tests, a lifestyle assessment, and a personalized written health status report.

A light, nutritious breakfast will be served after laboratory investigations have been done.

  1. Comprehensive physical examination including a detailed review of family and medical history

  2. Radiological tests, including chest X-ray, Abdominal Ultrasound - to detect early signs or increased risks of cancer, respiratory or cardiovascular disease.

  3. Electrocardiogram (EKG) - determines a baseline for cardiac risk

  4. Prostate exam and PSA screening for men - for detecting early-stage prostate cancer

  5. Pelvic and Pap test for women - checking for early signs of cervical cancer

  6. Mammogram for women - screening for early breast cancer as age appropriate

  7. Lab tests to screen for blood count abnormalities, cholesterol levels, liver, kidney, and thyroid functions, cardiovascular risks, and prostate, colon and rectal diseases. Tests include but are not limited to Complete Blood Count (CBC), comprehensive cholesterol panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), fecal occult blood testing, highly-sensitive C-reactive protein (CRP), thyroid (TSH), and urinalysis (UA)

  8. Hearing and vision tests - identifying signs of hearing or vision impairment

  9. Immunizations - protecting against flu and tetanus

Comprehensive Results

Your results will be reviewed by your Executive Medical Services Physician.

If a problem is detected, your physician will arrange any appropriate referrals or appointments. If not, your physician will assemble the full battery of tests results and develop a complete Health Status Report for you.

This personalized Health Status Report will not only present a clear and comprehensive summary of your test results, it will also provide you with the knowledge to chart your best course of action in achieving a variety of health goals. The Report is a self-contained, accessible and easily transportable package.

Our Program involves the following:

Part 1 Preliminary Assessment

Blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height, body mass index measurement

  • Urinalysis to check kidney function

  • Lung function test particularly for those with asthma, recent shortage of breath or chest infections

  • Heart assessment (Resting ECG)

  • Eye assessments to check visual acuity and to check for color blindness

  • An extensive blood screening which includes an assessment of cholesterol and glucose levels, liver and kidney function, measurement of hemoglobin and iron levels, full blood count and to screen for gout and haemochromatosis.

  • A light, nutritious breakfast will be served after laboratory investigations have been done.

Part 2 Doctor Consultation

Physical examination and assessment of the body systems

  • Breast/testicular cancer risk awareness and advice

  • Analysis and explanation of tests completed

  • Advice on behavioral and lifestyle modification

Part 3 Reporting

  • A written report and full interpretation of results of the medical will be sent to you within 7 working days of completion of the medical

  • Personalized materials to maintain motivation to enhance a healthy lifestyle

Download PDF version here.

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